Our Inspiration

infuse /inˈfyo͞oz/ verb: to be permeated with something (such as a principle or quality) that alters, usually for the better

What does it mean to live an Infused Life? 
Infuse means to fill up fully with something
Infuse means to imbue or inspire, to permeate

The essence of nature and the infusion of life

We are:

Infusing our lives with Love, Happiness
Infusing our lives with Joy, Health, Wellbeing
Infusing our lives with whatever makes us feel Full and Alive 

Infuse your life with something new and true 

Infused Essence inspires an opportunity to live fuller lives:

To sleep better
To ache less
To love better
To stress less

Infuse your life with the essence of plants

Our Philosophy

We believe that plants are medicine, a gift from the earth to teach us, heal us, and help us grow. We honor the strength and wisdom they have provided for so many hundreds of years, and are grateful for all that they are. We source all of our essential oils from plants grown in their native lands -- from the peaks of the Himalayas and verdant jungles of Madagascar, to the barren deserts here in the U.S.A. We only work with farmers who use ethical, sustainable practices, who love and respect both the plants and the people of the land. These plants are harvested with care, then expertly distilled by scientists in our lab here in California. Our team collaborates to curate the best oils, blends, and accessories to create the ultimate holistic essential oil experience.

Our Promise

At Infused Essence, we prioritize authenticity, transparency, and wellness above all else. By making our products accessible to everyone, we are able to ensure that our customers can make the best decisions for themselves without the pressure of a sales pitch or membership. This guarantees you are getting exactly what’s best for your needs. If you don’t love your Infused Essence subscription, you can cancel with no strings attached! Simply cancel from your account page, call, or email us -- no guilt, no trouble, no surprises.