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The Art of Self Love - How To Unwind On Valentine’s Day

Valentine’s Day is associated with love and relationships, and a good rule of thumb is that your relationship and the love you show yourself should be top priorities for all of us. Taking the time to relax, enjoy some quiet meditation, journaling, and unwinding from the week are some of the most fulfilling acts of self love that we can allow ourselves.

Here are a few ways that you can transform Valentine’s Day into a self-love that leave you feeling uplifted spiritually and mentally refreshed.

How To Detox From The Work Week

Once you hit the door and leave work on Friday, it’s best to leave the stressors of work behind you. Taking your work home can make it feel like your weekend was spent at the office. There’s no need to worry about a project that you’re working on throughout your days of rest. That work will all be there for you on Monday. Take some time for yourself instead. You won’t regret recharging your battery and starting the week off on the right foot. All too often we forget that the weekend can be a splendid mini-vacation if we spend our time off properly. Seek out joy and rest on Saturday and Sunday and see how much more easily the rest of your week flows!

So how are you going to wash all of the stressors of the week once you’re back in your sanctuary? We recommend drawing a nice hot Epsom salt bath, adding a few drops of a blend of lavender, orange, and rosemary essential oil to destress and unwind from the day. Maybe even bring a good book and a glass of wine to help soak away all of your troubles.

If you’re not up for a Galentine’s Day dinner out on the town, stock up the night before Valentine’s Day for a fancy dinner at home. Cooking has a therapeutic effect and helps to boost your mood. Just because you’re not going out on the town doesn’t mean you can’t have a delicious evening of dining in. Find a new recipe that you’d like to learn how to cook and have fun with it. Julia Child said, “I enjoy cooking with wine, sometimes I even put it in the food.”

Set up the evening for relaxation after you indulge in your five-star dinner. Often watching television or a movie can cause us to stay up later than we’d like because of the blue light emitted from the screens. If you’re looking to have that blissful sleep that your body and mind so deserve, consider reading instead.

After dinner is also the perfect time to do a soothing facial mask or treatment while reading. Add a few drops of cedarwood and orange essential oils into your diffuser while you’re escaping into the world of literature to put you into a deep zen state of mind.

Once you’ve reached that heightened state of sleepiness and your facial treatment is complete, put a few sprinkles of lavender essential oil on your pillow to help you relax into sleep more peacefully.

When you wake up refreshed, glowing from your facial, and ready to take on the day, you’ll be so blissed out that you’ll feel ready to enjoy all that life has to offer you!

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