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How Essential Oils Can Curb Insomnia

If you’re looking to fall asleep fast and stay asleep longer, consider diffusing some essential oils before bedtime to help mellow your mind at the end of every day. The ancient Greeks and Romans used essential oils to fall asleep and promote a relaxed state of mind, turns out they were onto something since we’re still using these techniques to promote sleepiness today

"Before you consider prescription sleep aids to attain that perfect 8 hours of rest, here are a few alternative methods to help you get to the shut-eye your body is craving!"


Benefits Of Essential Oils: Sleep Aid

Multiple studies have shown that adding essential oils to a diffuser at bedtime can aid in getting a solid night of rest. Not only can you fall asleep faster using a diffuser at bedtime, but you can also reduce your stress levels throughout the day with the help of essential oils too.  

Lavender For Stress Reduction

Lavender is the mother of calming essential oils. Time and time again studies have suggested that lavender is an effective tool to ease tension and anxiety (which many sufferers of insomnia also have an abundance of).

This soothing floral oil has been used for centuries to help reduce stress while inducing feelings of calm and serenity. Lavender essential oil is known to boost mood and memory as well as relieving pain and healing skin problems. Inflammation of the mind, body, and soul will melt away when you incorporate some lavender to your daily routine.

Spanish Marjoram For Decongestion and Sleep

Ancient Romans used Spanish marjoram for a number of ailments. Today it’s still used as a sleep aid, decongestant, and to give relief to tired and achy muscles. This timeless cure-all oil is also an antiseptic and contains antifungal properties to boot. When diffused this soothing oil can aid in sleep and with congestion, a much-desired combo during cold and flu season.

Clary Sage For Calm

Clary sage is great for calming skin problems and easing an overactive mind. The crisp and earthy scents of this oil relax the nervous system and can help skin problems by reducing inflammation when used topically. Inflammation in the body indicates an imbalance, clary sage helps to calm and restore a sense of peace both physically and mentally.

Copaiba and Roman Chamomile For Sleep

Copaiba and Roman chamomile have both been used for centuries to help reduce anxiety and stress. Copaiba is from Brazil and has been used by natives as a sleep aid since ancient times. Roman chamomile is also widely known to help induce sleep. They say, “if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it,” that’s why these two oils have been a sleep staple for thousands of years.

Meditation For Sleep

Much like essential oils, meditation can cause physical and physiological changes. As one relaxes, the body and mind both release their holds on tension, anxiety, and stress. When in a relaxed state, the nervous system can go into rest and recover mode.

Mindfulness meditations, gratitude meditations, and guided meditations are great ways to begin your journey to better sleep. Many apps and online tutorials are available to help you get started if you’re new to the process. Start out slow with a few minutes of meditation before bed every night, gradually increase to up to 20 minutes to experience the full benefits of this ancient practice.

Reduce Screen Time

Another tip for enhancing your sleep quality is to put down your phone for a few hours before bed each night. Falling asleep is more of a strain if the brain thinks it’s daytime. That’s exactly what happens when we are using screens. Our brain picks up on the bright light emitted from our tablets, smartphones, and televisions as sunlight and blocks melatonin production. If our mind thinks it’s supposed to be awake, it’s going to fight to keep us alert.

It’s recommended that screentime be limited to two hours prior to your desired bedtime. So if you want to be asleep by 10, stop using your electronics by 8.

Fast Asleep Essential Oil Benefits

If you’re considering incorporating essential oil diffusing into your sleep regimen, the Fast Asleep blend is the perfect addition to your nighttime routine. The Fast Asleep essential oil has all of the benefits of lavender, clary sage, Roman chamomile, and copaiba combined into one relaxing blend.

Blending these soothing essential oils that have been used for centuries as sleep aids into one harmonious scent that will help you go from counting sheep to fast asleep in no time at all.

Fast asleep is our most popular blend and it’s easy to see why. A good night’s sleep can prepare you to take on your day with grace and ease. Discover how much better life can be after a full night of restful sleep.

“Sleep is the golden chain that ties health and our bodies together.”

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