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Essential Skin Care - How To Use Oils For Smooth Dewy Skin

We all want to bathe in the fountain of youth and with the powerful skin healing benefits of essential oils, we can! Keeping skin looking it’s best is an inside out job, we know the foods we put into our bodies impact our skin, but we also need to pay close attention to the products that we use on our face and body as well.


Essential oils have been used for centuries by royalty and ancient civilizations as an all-natural way to clear and prevent skin damage. 

By using these protective oils to enhance skin appearance and to maintain a youthful glow, you’ll be able to tap into the potent healing methods that have been helping to give beauties like Cleopatra and Marilyn Monroe their famously glowing complexions throughout the ages.

These are some of the top skin rejuvenators and regenerators for both clearing and calming your skin and your mind.

Polar Peppermint 

This delightfully minty essential oil has Omega 3 fatty acids, vitamins A & C, calcium, iron, potassium, and magnesium, making it the perfect oil for dry skin, nails, and acne-prone skin. When used as a spot corrector overnight this oil can reduce the redness and swelling of blemishes and is a great substitute for tea tree oil for those who have sensitive skin.

Skin Renew 

This blend of Chamomile, lavender, and tea tree oil is great for smoothing fine lines. These blends are also known to reduce the appearance of wrinkles and revive skin firmness, making it a fantastic oil blend for maintaining a youthful glow. In addition to your glow, this oil blend can also help with acne-prone skin and is ideal for redness reduction during the harsh winter months.

Skin Rejuvenation 

Jojoba, frankincense, vanilla, and myrrh oils are combined in this blended oil to help with soothing redness and inflammation. This ancient blend of healing oils has also been used for centuries to reduce the appearance of wrinkles and fine lines. Use this blend for a primer before moisturizer or makeup application and enjoy the healing benefits of this oil all day or night while basking in the luxuriously subtle scent of vanilla and myrrh. An ideal combination to pamper yourself while restoring balance and vitality to tired or dull skin.

Clary Sage 

Linalyl acetate and geranyl are the active compounds that give, clary sage it’s antimicrobial properties. Clary sage is known as one of the top essential oils for excessive oil production which leads to clogged pores. This ancient oil is also known to reduce the appearance of wrinkles.


Lavender helps to balance skin to return it to a harmonious state. Acne is caused when your skin isn’t producing enough oil. When your skin is dry it can start to overproduce sebum (the natural oil that is responsible for acne flare-ups) to compensate, which leads to clogged pores and breakouts. Lavender oil is a gentle moisturizer, and helps to clear clogged pores.


There’s a reason this essential oil was gifted to royalty in ancient times. This amazing antioxidant can prevent premature aging and helps to minimize the appearance of pores, wrinkles, and even scars. Frankincense also has an astringent effect on skin that make it ideal for healing and anti-aging treatments. The astringent properties help to encourage cell growth and to protect cells from environmental damage.


Jojoba oil is known for its lightweight and anti-inflammatory properties. This is a great oil for winter especially because it helps to tame chapped skin by reducing redness and drying while not leaving skin feeling heavy. Jojoba oil is also great for minimizing the effects of eczema and rosacea. Use this oil year-round to help boost your intake of E and B-complex vitamins. Jojoba oil is also a great carrier oil for your essential oil blends.


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